Tubular Changelog

0.9.13 // 2022-09-17 // Release Candidate 2
  • Further improved 12AX7 model, improving note definition and reducing harshness in all amps.
  • Fixed some amp parameters being initialized to the wrong values when loading the Default Preset.
  • Fixed a case where loading a preset would set other amps' knobs to weird values.
  • Fixed Je P-10R speaker causing all audio processing to break in some DAW/OS configurations.
  • Ma Plexi Super Lead: Fixed a schematic error that was driving the cathode follower too hard.
0.9.12 // 2022-09-12 // Release Candidate 1
  • Fixed and re-enabled preset system. Previously saved presets will no longer work, but newly-saved presets should continue to work in future updates, even as parameters etc. are changed. Please email support@modsound.co if you have any issues with presets.
  • Added 5 amps: Vx AC-130, Tk Imperator, Sup Tiny Combo, Mb Mk. II C++, and Ma Jubilant.
  • Added 6V6GT and EL84 models, to support some of the new amps.
  • Added 4 speakers: Ce Type-A, Ce Type-V, Jen C-12K, and Jen P-10R.
  • Added 5 cabinets: 1x12 Tweed, 1x12 Open Back, 2x12 Twin Verb, 2x12 Vx AC-130, and 4x10 Tweed Bass. EDIT 2022-09-16, forgot to include in original patchnotes
  • Improved Compressor pedal's gain compensation for threshold and ratio controls.
  • Added Simple Comp pedal, which sounds like the fully-featured Compressor, but is easier to set up.
  • Added a familiar 5-band EQ section to the extra amp settings menu, processed between the amp's preamp and poweramp.
  • Moved amp settings menu display area to make more room for the EQ.
  • Various visual tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing parameter updates from being finalized if audio was not being regularly processed, which mainly affected hosts like Logic and Garageband.
  • Improved support for multi-gang potentiometers and multi-throw switches, improving user experience with e.g. the Rock/Jazz switch on the Du OD Special.
  • Sharpened response of the cabinet section's Bright filter, to allow more granular control of high frequency content, while leaving midrange frequencies alone.
  • Du OD Special: Fixed a schematic error that reduced note definition by hitting the poweramp too hard.
  • Created a handful of factory presets. More will be included in the full release.
0.9.11 // 2022-08-17 // Performance and stability
  • Parallelized the improved 12AX7 model from v0.9.8, improving performance.
  • Stability and robustness improvements, fixing several possible crashes and bugs, including ones added in 0.9.8.
0.9.10 // 2022-07-31 // Visual quality upgrade
  • Improved quality of all amp background images.
  • Redesigned pedalboard visuals.
  • Increased contrast across user interface.
  • Two Continuum: Fixed a schematic error that was reducing volume.
0.9.9 // 2022-07-25 // Cabinet simulation improvements
  • Improved accuracy and balance of existing cabinet models.
  • Improved high-frequency response of speaker models.
  • Temporarily disabled preset system as it is being worked on.
0.9.8 // 2022-07-05 // Simulation quality improvements, crash fixes
  • Fine-tuned 12AX7 model for better accuracy, generating more high-frequency content as it distorts, and preserving more clarity in higher-gain preamps.
  • Adjusted potentiometer tapers to match real-life instead of ideal curves, reducing gain and bass in the knobs-at-noon region of many amps.
  • Fixed a crash caused by nonstandard buffer sizes in several DAWs that allow such sizes to be selected.
  • Fixed a crash in font loading on macOS 12 and later.
  • Improved consistency of gain knob volume compensation.
  • Reduced output gain to be more in line with other plugins.
  • Fixed a cabinet simulation bug that was boosting output volume on macOS.
  • SLOW-100: Fixed a schematic error that was causing the effects loop recovery circuit to be driven too hard.
  • Steel Stringer: Fixed a schematic error that was causing transients to be overly loud in certain cases.
  • Rektifier Rev F: Adjusted gain pot value, and modeled series 'off' resistance of LDRs, reducing gain through all channels.
  • Changed main interface font from Arial to Inter.
  • Low-level simulator quality improvements, which are probably not noticeable, but slightly reduce noise in high-gain circuits.
  • Delay pedal: Now snaps to the current delay time when activated, instead of doing the tape-like seeking effect.
0.9.7 // 2022-06-06
  • Stability improvements, addressing a possible crash on startup.
  • Added Unicorn Drive, a very expensive "transparent" overdrive pedal.
  • Added a delay pedal version of Echo419.
  • Green Screamer and Fooldrive: Fixed incorrect Output pot taper.
  • Ratmond: fixed Filter/Output knob mixup.
  • Post FX: increased the number of decimal places visible on some controls.
0.9.6 // 2022-06-03
  • Added mono-to-stereo as a supported channel configuration.
  • Robustness improvements.
  • Plexi Super Lead amp: Added ability to switch on-and-off the bright capacitors, and reduced their total value, making Channel 1 easier to use at lower gains.
  • Tweed Bass amp: fixed the Bright channel using the wrong volume knob.
  • Ratmond pedal: reversed the Filter knob to match real life.
  • Echo419: Greatly increased the delay modulation amount range.
  • Time&Space: Smoothed out width and depth parameter changes.
0.9.5 // 2022-05-31
  • Fixed a possible hang when hosts scan the plugin at startup.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the frequency responses of some speaker models.
0.9.4 // 2022-05-27
  • Public beta release.
  • Fixed some bugs in the preset system.
  • Visual improvements.
  • Improved mic position control.
  • Bugfixes and simulation improvements.
0.9.3 // 2022-04-11
  • Stealth beta release.