Tubular Changelog

1.0.1 // 2023-02-04 // The Cabs Were Too Bright (The Kids Are Alright)
  • Added 20 new 4x12 cabinet models, with more natural, balanced frequency responses.
  • Changed the Bright filter to have a sharper cutoff, which is useful for removing some of the bite of the new cab models, without losing too much upper midrange.
  • For Shugga: Corrected the knob configuration, allowing the two gain pots to be controlled independently, like in the real amp. Presets with this amp will need to be adjusted.
  • Mb Mk. II C++: Reduced intensity of default EQ "V" curve (accessible in the amp settings menu.)
  • Improved quality of all 3D models and background images.
  • Tweaked the default preset to be more fun.
  • Tweaked some default amplifier settinsg.
  • Removed the temporary networking workaround from 0.9.15, now that Microsoft has fixed the Windows bug that necessitated it.
  • Improved authentication error messages to be more informative.
1.0.0 // 2022-12-19
  • Non-selected amps now reset to their default parameter values when loading a preset or opening a saved DAW project, avoiding some confusion in certain cases.
  • Fixed user presets showing up in a random order on recent versions of macOS.
  • Improved legibility of authentication error messages.
0.9.17 // 2022-11-28 // Release Candidate 6
  • Added the Doubler mode to time&space.
  • Upgraded quality of all cabinet models.
  • Reworked room geometry calculations, improving cabinet model accuracy.
  • Switched the Bright and Tight controls to gentler filter slopes.
  • Added many more factory presets, and improved the quality of the existing ones.
  • Fixed a rare crash when opening the plugin GUI on recent macOS versions.
  • Wah pedal: Smoothed transition when passing the on threshold.
0.9.16 // 2022-11-11 // Release Candidate 5
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes select the wrong amp channel when loading a preset.
  • Fixed a bug that could cut off the beginning of a track when rendering offline.
  • Visual tweaks.
0.9.15 // 2022-11-07 // Release Candidate 4
  • Added a temporary workaround for a Microsoft bug affecting Tubular's ability to connect to the internet for login and update notifications, added in this Windows version, fixed in this one that has not yet been pushed to the Windows Update pipeline.
  • Fixed licensing and presets on international versions of Windows that use wide character encodings.
  • Improved all power tube models' transition into distortion, applying the concepts from the 12AX7 update in 0.9.13.
  • Various visual tweaks and improvements.
  • Minor robustness upgrades.
0.9.14 // 2022-09-30 // Release Candidate 3
  • Fixed the preset menu thinking that the default preset was active after closing and reopening the GUI.
  • Fixed a potential crash when trying to change channels in an amp that has only one channel.
  • Added a label to clarify what the channel switch control was doing.
  • Adjusted some settings in the default preset.
  • Adjusted slider behavior so that the handle no longer snaps to the cursor, and only responds to mouse-drag, which makes it easier to control precisely.
  • Changed default-selected pedals to be more immediately useful.
  • Reduced gain of Clean Boost pedal.
  • Miscellaneous small tweaks and fixes.
0.9.13 // 2022-09-17 // Release Candidate 2
  • Further improved 12AX7 model, improving note definition and reducing harshness in all amps.
  • Fixed some amp parameters being initialized to the wrong values when loading the Default Preset.
  • Fixed a case where loading a preset would set other amps' knobs to weird values.
  • Fixed Je P-10R speaker causing all audio processing to break in some DAW/OS configurations.
  • Ma Plexi Super Lead: Fixed a schematic error that was driving the cathode follower too hard.
0.9.12 // 2022-09-12 // Release Candidate 1
  • Fixed and re-enabled preset system. Previously saved presets will no longer work, but newly-saved presets should continue to work in future updates, even as parameters etc. are changed. Please email support@modsound.co if you have any issues with presets.
  • Added 5 amps: Vx AC-130, Tk Imperator, Sup Tiny Combo, Mb Mk. II C++, and Ma Jubilant.
  • Added 6V6GT and EL84 models, to support some of the new amps.
  • Added 4 speakers: Ce Type-A, Ce Type-V, Jen C-12K, and Jen P-10R.
  • Added 5 cabinets: 1x12 Tweed, 1x12 Open Back, 2x12 Twin Verb, 2x12 Vx AC-130, and 4x10 Tweed Bass. EDIT 2022-09-16, forgot to include in original patchnotes
  • Improved Compressor pedal's gain compensation for threshold and ratio controls.
  • Added Simple Comp pedal, which sounds like the fully-featured Compressor, but is easier to set up.
  • Added a familiar 5-band EQ section to the extra amp settings menu, processed between the amp's preamp and poweramp.
  • Moved amp settings menu display area to make more room for the EQ.
  • Various visual tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing parameter updates from being finalized if audio was not being regularly processed, which mainly affected hosts like Logic and Garageband.
  • Improved support for multi-gang potentiometers and multi-throw switches, improving user experience with e.g. the Rock/Jazz switch on the Du OD Special.
  • Sharpened response of the cabinet section's Bright filter, to allow more granular control of high frequency content, while leaving midrange frequencies alone.
  • Du OD Special: Fixed a schematic error that reduced note definition by hitting the poweramp too hard.
  • Created a handful of factory presets. More will be included in the full release.
0.9.11 // 2022-08-17 // Performance and stability
  • Parallelized the improved 12AX7 model from v0.9.8, improving performance.
  • Stability and robustness improvements, fixing several possible crashes and bugs, including ones added in 0.9.8.
0.9.10 // 2022-07-31 // Visual quality upgrade
  • Improved quality of all amp background images.
  • Redesigned pedalboard visuals.
  • Increased contrast across user interface.
  • Two Continuum: Fixed a schematic error that was reducing volume.
0.9.9 // 2022-07-25 // Cabinet simulation improvements
  • Improved accuracy and balance of existing cabinet models.
  • Improved high-frequency response of speaker models.
  • Temporarily disabled preset system as it is being worked on.
0.9.8 // 2022-07-05 // Simulation quality improvements, crash fixes
  • Fine-tuned 12AX7 model for better accuracy, generating more high-frequency content as it distorts, and preserving more clarity in higher-gain preamps.
  • Adjusted potentiometer tapers to match real-life instead of ideal curves, reducing gain and bass in the knobs-at-noon region of many amps.
  • Fixed a crash caused by nonstandard buffer sizes in several DAWs that allow such sizes to be selected.
  • Fixed a crash in font loading on macOS 12 and later.
  • Improved consistency of gain knob volume compensation.
  • Reduced output gain to be more in line with other plugins.
  • Fixed a cabinet simulation bug that was boosting output volume on macOS.
  • SLOW-100: Fixed a schematic error that was causing the effects loop recovery circuit to be driven too hard.
  • Steel Stringer: Fixed a schematic error that was causing transients to be overly loud in certain cases.
  • Rektifier Rev F: Adjusted gain pot value, and modeled series 'off' resistance of LDRs, reducing gain through all channels.
  • Changed main interface font from Arial to Inter.
  • Low-level simulator quality improvements, which are probably not noticeable, but slightly reduce noise in high-gain circuits.
  • Delay pedal: Now snaps to the current delay time when activated, instead of doing the tape-like seeking effect.
0.9.7 // 2022-06-06
  • Stability improvements, addressing a possible crash on startup.
  • Added Unicorn Drive, a very expensive "transparent" overdrive pedal.
  • Added a delay pedal version of Echo419.
  • Green Screamer and Fooldrive: Fixed incorrect Output pot taper.
  • Ratmond: fixed Filter/Output knob mixup.
  • Post FX: increased the number of decimal places visible on some controls.
0.9.6 // 2022-06-03
  • Added mono-to-stereo as a supported channel configuration.
  • Robustness improvements.
  • Plexi Super Lead amp: Added ability to switch on-and-off the bright capacitors, and reduced their total value, making Channel 1 easier to use at lower gains.
  • Tweed Bass amp: fixed the Bright channel using the wrong volume knob.
  • Ratmond pedal: reversed the Filter knob to match real life.
  • Echo419: Greatly increased the delay modulation amount range.
  • Time&Space: Smoothed out width and depth parameter changes.
0.9.5 // 2022-05-31
  • Fixed a possible hang when hosts scan the plugin at startup.
  • Fixed a bug that affected the frequency responses of some speaker models.
0.9.4 // 2022-05-27
  • Public beta release.
  • Fixed some bugs in the preset system.
  • Visual improvements.
  • Improved mic position control.
  • Bugfixes and simulation improvements.
0.9.3 // 2022-04-11
  • Stealth beta release.