Next-gen amp simulator // public beta

Tubular is a step forward in guitar amp simulation technology. Wave digital filters enable us to simulate complete amplifier schematics explicitly. Physics-based tube equations are solved every sample.

The Tubular beta includes 15 amps, 5 cabinets, 5 speakers, 8 pedals, and stereo modulation, delay, and reverb rack effects. More of everything is coming in Version 1.0.

Tubular is available at a 25% discount while it is in public beta. Updates will always be free, including more content, features, and bugfixes.

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Beta 0.9.13 (RC2) // 2022-09-17 // changelog // manual
Available as Windows 10+ VST3 // macOS 10.14+ AU, VST3


  • 15 amp models derived automatically from complete circuit schematics. Clean to metal, vintage to modern, production to boutique. All channels, switches, and knobs are modeled.
  • Hybrid impulse- and physics-based speaker cabinet simulation with 5 cabinets, 5 speakers, and 2 microphones, all interchangeable. Frequency response graph updates in realtime.
  • Drive pedals, modulation effects, stereo delay and reverb from Velvetverb.
  • For more detailed information, please see the manual and the technology overview.

Tubular Beta 0.9

Tubular is mostly feature-complete - the public beta is intended to find any remaining bugs, so we can release a more polished product as Version 1.0. The public beta is expected to last for about a month.

If you encounter a bug, please email support@modsound.co.

What To Expect In Version 1.0

  • 20+ amps, 10+ cabinets, 10+ speakers, 5+ drive pedals.
  • More diverse amp architectures - EL84 and 6V6 amps, single-ended amps.
  • More diverse cabinets - not just 4x12s.
  • More comprehensive set of factory presets.
  • Fully-functional user preset system.
  • Robustness and performance improvements; further verification of models.

For information about installing Tubular, and what platforms it supports, please see the FAQ.

Tubular includes open-source software written by third parties. For more information, see the acknowledgements.


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