Velvetverb Changelog

1.1.1 // 2022-05-27
  • Changed interface font from Arial to Inter to avoid a dependency on Windows system fonts, making it easier to run Velvetverb through WINE on Linux
  • Fixed a crash when checking for updates in certain situations when the plugin fails to connect to the server
  • Robustness improvements
1.1.0 // 2021-09-07
  • Added reverb ducking (sidechain compression to input signal)
  • Reworked EQ section to enable much finer control over output frequency response
  • Reduced CPU cost of drawing the frequency response graphs
  • Slowed down Size parameter slewing to avoid distortion when turning the knob fast
  • Adjusted delay lengths in Hall Effect mode to reduce echo density buildup time
  • Improved low-end phase coherence to avoid warbling in response to kick drums etc
  • Reworked early reflections in Plate Glass mode for more realistic diffusion
  • Brightened early reflections in all modes
  • Various small user interface improvements
1.0.4 // 2021-08-08
  • Reworked width control to avoid phase issues at low settings
  • Fixed inaccurate plotting of low cut and high cut frequency response curves
  • Extended sweep of low cut control
  • Improved GPU efficiency of the stereo visualizer
  • Fixed particles decaying weirdly when adjusting some controls
  • Fixed random particles appearing in the top left at startup
  • Added notifications and download links for available updates
  • Added text to clarify when the login form is attempting to reach the server
  • Tweaked some presets
  • Fixed displayed preset name resetting to default after closing and reopening UI
1.0.3 // 2021-07-27
  • Fixed some parameters not syncing with preset changes in some cases
1.0.2 // 2021-07-27
  • Simplifed Windows installer to avoid confusion about directories
  • Added a couple of presets to demonstrate realistic plate and room sounds
1.0.1 // 2021-07-25
  • Improved product-not-owned page, improved trial-start and purchase flow
1.0.0 // 2021-07-20
  • Initial release